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Question about ex?

I met a guy on tinder be asked me to be his girlfriend I agreed. he kept forcing me to get fat get massive and huge he kept forcing f me to eat a lot eat all day and night finally our relationship ended we remained friends for months and on Monday he said" don't talk to me it's not you it's me I...


My ex girlfriend keeps bragging on Facebook bout being a lesbian?

I'm a boy if that helps . She broke up with me on my birthday for a f-ed up reason and a couple weeks later she had a rainbow flag on her Facebook and said she was interested in women and she was in a relationship with a woman. She also keeps posting article about LGBT issues. She never told me that she broke...


Does he have feelings?

If a guy does little things like reach over to get something infront of you and kisses you on the shoulder, or plays with your hands. Or kisses you when cuddling in bed. Can guys just do this if they just want you for sex?


I am a young attractive lesbian. Are most women interested in experimenting with women? So do I have chances with most of the women?


Should my son and I move to my moms?

I have a 8 year old boy. We live in a very small town. I am a single mother who has been very stable for him. Same home and school for 8 years now. I have a newer car with higher miles 128k. I have a loan on it. I am working FT.It has been needing repairs. Which I had savings for. I filed for child support in...


If i leave my married lover,will that give him motivation to leave his wife?

I've been seeing a married man who promised he will leave his wife for year and we have yet been on date.He seem to make excuse to come over to my house either. We only meet to hook up close to his work in the woods.I'm the one who always drive to him.I even suggested we go for walk on the bike path we...

No responde

I'm 17........?

It's time I started to manage my own life.


Does this mean she thinks there won’t be another heartbreak as painful?

My best friends bf broke up with her. She loved him a lot but she’s moving on well. I said to her “you got through it” and she said “thank god” loud and fast, in one breath, and like she was relieved. Tone wasn’t soft or slow. Does this mean she thinks there won’t be another heartbreak as deep? Additional info:...


Is it normal for me to sleep with my mom at 14?

So my mom and I moved into this apartment two years ago, and she promised we would be out of here after one year. She also promised I would have the bedroom to myself for my own privacy and she would sleep in a pull out couch in the living room. Well, that never happened. She sleeps in the same bed as me and I HATE...


Am I too old to date a 20 year-old woman?

I am 26. I saw this single lady on Tinder but she never asked for my age. She agreed to meet up after school.