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Why do parents not circumcise their sons?

  • 수영

I don't know


they're smart

  • tuesday

Because it is not necessary

  • Anonymous


  • Gummy Roach

Maybe the parents are hippies

  • better_off_here

not all cultures circumcise their sons, most do, but some find that the natural part more natural, some parents find that circumcising is not natural, and leave it be. some may see it as barbaric to cut a child's skin on penis. some woman do like the natural look, it depends on who you ask. the parents who do not circumcise feel it is cutting a part of the boys manhood off. so like i said it depends on who you ask

  • Trisha


  • ° Skratch °

Because it is an unnecessary surgical procedure.

  • Anonymous

Because they're not surgeons.