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Poll: you want to live minutes away from the beach, (on a bike) where would you live in Southern California?

  • ?

No. I would live near the Jersey Shore.

  • ?

I won't want to live in California, if I am going to live by a beach, it would be in Hawaii.

  • Anonymous

I do already. But you don't have to be in America to be near a beach. The seaside can be quite a bleak place in the winter though.

  • Fireball

I WONT EVER LIVE IN CALIF AGAIN....LA I S INSANE WITH TRAFFIC...I H8 BIG CITIES..I WAS STATIONED AT FT ORD, CALIF IN 70s and we went down to Topanga Canyon to see my Aunt...the stress of going thru LA was horrible..I WOULD PREFER THE COAST OF ALABAMA

  • Anonymous

I wouldn't live in So. Calif. again. I moved away from there 36 years ago.

  • Trisha

San Francisco

  • Gummy Roach

I would love that! I think Long Beach would be a nice area.

  • conley39

Pacific Beach