Question #10163

Poll: Is it possible for Yahoo to track down exactly where we live?

Let's say someone on here did something so heinous online that the FBI got involved and tried to track down the user's real life address.

  • Pearl L

i think its possible, they can use the ip address on your computer to find out where you are

  • Garrett

Yes. If the person had no way to block it, where he is from can be determined within a narrow scope.

  • Ibis405


  • yay

Probably. I'm not sure how much authority the FBI has in other countries, but I'm sure if the person in question did something terrible enough then their law enforcement would cooperate in bringing them to justice.

  • The Fast Bowler

Of course.As soon as you use the internet every Tom Dick and Harry knows everything about you.

  • Allieep


  • Anonymous

yes indeed

  • Anonymous

No I don't think that is possible.

  • Mama Kimama

Yes, I'm quite sure they could do that.

  • Stanley.

When you open an account you have to show a mob number, what more do they need? You can tell porky's about where you live, lie about your age, tell them you're a male instead of female BUT, once you have given them that mob number THEY HAVE YOU BANG TO RIGHTS.