Question #109

What are my chances of getting work in the anime industry in Japan? I can speak N4 Japanese and have a BFA degree for animation.?

  • Quinn

Next to zero. Regardless of the field of employment and your qualifications, the only jobs available for foreigners in Japan are jobs which a Japanese cannot or will not do. Any job that can be filled by a Japanese will go to them first. And there are thousands of Japanese kids who dream of being an anime artist.

  • Vinegar Taster

Next to none . There's thousands of Japanese who can do the same job .

  • michinoku2001

I'm going to say it's unlikely. The people who create anime mostly work on a piece work basis, which is to say they won't be eligible for work visas. Where there is an opportunity, is in subtitling. Now that digital subtitles are way cheaper than older processes, more and more work is subtitled. Thus there is a demand for context sensitive native translators.

  • Never-Again

Next to zero.

  • luddite

Zero, unless you are an established and internationally respected animator.

  • Chuckles

Poor. Japan is not am immigration friendly country. Unless you are already a world famous animator the Japanese animation forms will not even think of hiring you. Unless your parents are ethnic Japanese.

  • Anonymous

Since you are asking Yahoo! Answers, I'd say it's very slim at this point. Show business is about connections, and you need connections with the industry -- as well as a great portfolio. I'm not sure if knowing Japanese is strictly necessary if you are super-talented otherwise.