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How is it that kids can legally volunteer but not work?

  • tro

a long day

  • Elaine M

You will be thoroughly sick of the recorded songs the truck plays within one day.

  • ?

Drive with more care.

  • Boney Boy Bailey

Hard sometimes, every now and again ice cream men argue over who works in what area, one even got his hand cut off. It's not like that a lot though but when it's cold you are not going to sell much ice cream. Years ago there was an ice cream van that was a mobile shop as well, he sold pet food, cigarettes, sweets, crisps, etc. Maybe go like that because you can't really just do ice cream all the time. Have your phone number on it somewhere too so that people can hire you for events.

  • ?

Slow going in December

  • ?

Good because all the kids can come up and the experience is amazing even though I have never been one.

  • ?

Probably the best job in the world.

  • Anonymous

Constantly on a time clock having to rush and lift heavy boxes. It's work and ice cream does not make it any easier. Not sure if you are talking about an CDL ice cream truck driver or residential ice cream truck driver. I am referring to CDL driver.

  • ?

it is very fun all the kiddies love my ice cream

  • Max Hoopla

You listen to the same annoying music all day and don't make much money.

  • Anonymous

My son started working a real job at 15, as I did. I also ran my own "business" by cleaning houses, babysitting and washing windows. Made damn good money too. I started that at 12, and did it till I got a real job at 15.

  • Athena

Contract law

  • lare

kids can work and make a decent wage too. have you never seen television shows with children in them?

  • Tavy

They can work for limited hours in the UK from age 13.

  • Anonymous

I blame the jews