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In workers compensation is the injured worker responsible to pay back permanent disability indemnity paid to him/her with settlement money?

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if you cashed out a stock portfolio two years ago, you paid taxes on it, and your tax return should have the name of the brokerage or bank for starters. contact that bank after examining your tax return. if you didn't save a copy of your tax return, you can go to to get a copy of it

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Call the company that issued the check

  • tro

you contact the company that paid you and see if the can tell you where they deposited the money

  • Maxi

Contact whichever company you used to cashed out the stock portfolio

  • USAFisnumber1

Call the company that had the stock and that sent you the checkbook. They should be able to tell you which credit union the money was sent to. (Never get into this situation again. Make sure when you sell something the money goes to the bank of your choice, not theirs.)

  • Elaine M

I have to agree with AJ, you would be getting a mailing from them at the very least, once a year. Contact the brokerage firm.

  • A.J.

The brokerage firm at which you sold out the portfolio should have records of what they sent you. It is insane that they established a checking account in your name at a credit union. If it is an interest bearing account earning more than $10 in the USA, the IRS and you will eventually get a 1099. Further, you are stating this credit union does no mailings whatsoever.

  • USAFisnumber1

Need more info. I think you are asking if you can get paid from two different sources and the answer depends on how it is all written.