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Am I safe from both pre *** when on mircogynon ( combined pill )?& is it safe to have unprotected sex?

  • Judy

Yes, sorry, it's safe to assume you didn't get it.

  • Beverly S

I would say you didn't land it. If you were still in the running they would have reached out by now to let you know there was a delay.

  • ?

depends on the job really - but it looks like you didnt get it


Now. It's been more than a month.

  • alan P

Nothings perfect but you are not taking a very big chance having sex without pulling out or other protection if you are taking the pill carefully. There is a less than 1% chance of getting pregnant per year of having regular sex - better than just using condoms on their own. The risk of getting pregnant from so called precum is greatly exaggerated. If you want to have another line of defence without using condoms then you could put in some spermicide before having sex but don't rely on it alone. If you are not using condoms only have sex with someone you trust not to be sleeping around or have any infections.

  • Sunny

If you are on the pill you are having protected sex

  • nikkai

Pregnancy wise YES infection NO