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Was I fired or laid off?

I was told not to come back until I presented medical documentation stating what I can and cannot do when I was pregnant. I had disclosed to my night supervisor that I was having difficulties with my pregnancy and was going to ask for a LOA until my pregnancy was over within that week and she told my GM. My GM...

  • Estelle

By providing good service to your clients.

  • Mike

what would you suggest to the company to expand what they are currently doing to bring in more sales and other income ?

  • ?

By telling how you would bring more work to the company.

  • babyboomer1001

How long has it been since you were asked for the doctor's papers? You should have turned them in within a few days, preferably 2 or 3. If it has been longer, they may be thinking about firing you. You were not laid off and you may not have been fired. Ask them.


NEITHER. You were placed on medical leave pending medical clearance to return to work.

  • Maxi

"My GM told me not to come back until my doctor gave the O.K." seems very clear, you were told to get evidence and not return until you have it

  • saucy minx

Neither! God! I feel sorry for your kid when they get old enough! Most parents are SMARTER than their kids and not nearly so dumb as to know your butt is on MEDICAL LEAVE and you were NEITHER CANNED OR LAID OFF! I'm just trying to figure out how you got a job if you're not very bright. A total airhead can get themselves in the family way but most employers want someone who not only has common sense but also has an IQ over 80. So you must have an extremely simple job that doesn't take lot of intelligence.

  • k w

neither, you failed reading comprehension.......bring a doctors note......

  • GodsLOL

If they want you back when you can come back, neither.

  • random_man

Obviously neither. They just want your doctor to provide guidance as to what you can and can't do. If your doctor says you can't work, then you would be on maternity leave.

  • Foofa

Probably neither as you were told to come back once you had the documentation to cover your employer's butt in case you have a problem on the job. Clearly they're just trying to eliminate their legal liability.

  • marys.momma

Sounds more like you were placed involuntarily on "sick leave" until your medical condition was made clearer.

  • Anonymous

Laid off. But it doesn't make you eligible for unemployment.