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Does my electric bicycle is better for the environment then a diesel bus?

  • Will B

You would become one with the lava

  • Ibis405

No you wouldn't die, only the good die young.

  • Weasel McWeasel

You would be instantly incinerated and burned up, before you could drown.

  • Siddhartha

You'd be encased in Pumas stone and would need chipping out to try that again.

  • geezer

Very few volcanos have lava that you could actually reach if you jumped into it.

  • Anonymous

You would burn alive. And you probably would die, but it would be a slow and painful death.

  • Anonymous

Volcano very hot, don't touch.

  • Big Kahuna

You would be vaporized and this is not much of a joke.

  • Anonymous

You'll die and it won't be from drowning.

  • ?

I think you'd burn to death before drowning.

  • Mio of Containment Bay Ⓜ①Ⓞ③

Think of the lava as a post office...except you'd be labeled "return to cinder"

  • Grandpa

A pedal powered bicycle would be much better yet.

  • ?

Depends how many people are on the bus. If it's full, it would be better than your bike, but i see so many nearly empty buses, it would be more environmentally friendly and cost effective for the bus company to get them all taxis.

  • Kano

No. Because diesel engines are about the same efficiency as coal fired power stations, add in the loss of efficiency from transmission lines, chargers and batteries.

  • ZeroSonic720

Not really. The effect it has is so insignificant that it doesn't matter. If you chose to ride a bike over going on the Bus I commend you though. Buses are terrible and disgusting sources of transportation.

  • ?