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Does smoking hash when your drunk put you in a worse state?

i smoked the other day while drunk but i didn't realize how strong it was. I black out and don't remember the night but i don't know if i just drank more and don't remember or if mixing the two made it worse.

  • Bread Person

Social media.

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  • Anonymous

they do all sorts of things to look better in their mind

  • Sur La Mer

Because they're NOT HAPPY with the way they look, they're too critical, ugly enough, so they try to improve it by making themselves PRETTIER, to give them confidence.

  • Blue Sky

She sounds very vain and I think a lot of this is associated with celebrities. Some women just go overboard when it comes to they're looks. I love the plain jane look.

  • ?

Stupid for one, and just wanting to get out of ones own skin is a big thing anymore, especially with plastic surgery all pushing for it.

  • Anonymous

Yeah, it's nuts. They might be striving for perfection when in reality they make themselves look worse. I've seen so many disasters on the internet. Saw a gorgeous young girl completely ruin her looks and body, she looks like a freak now.

  • Sam S

Because sometimes some people never feel pretty. Feel sorry for her. Some ugly people are so confident, they never think of changing anything about their ugly selves

  • Kaiser Wilhelm

To meet false standards set in place by celebrities.

  • 卐 Buddha 卐

when thc enters your blood whilst your drunk, the thc and the alcohol collide, and don't ever mix well

  • kswck2

I keep telling you, I am Not so think as you drunk I am.

  • injanier

Yes, combining alcohol and cannabis will get you stoneder than otherwise. The science of it is sketchy, but some experiments suggest the alcohol speeds up your absorption of THC. But generations of pot smokers know that smoking when drunk is apt to give you the spins.

  • ?

No, cannabis does not make you drunk

  • Sam S

don't smoke when you are really drunk. It will make you pass out from lack of oxegen. Just have another drink, no smoke cigarettes