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Dog won’t leave her stitches alone?

my dog was spayed 3 days ago and managed to burst a stitch slightly today. she now has a buster collar but is still trying to scratch with her back legs. what should i do

  • kswck2

Cash-in the mattress

  • tro

keep your records where they cannot see them

  • Mama Kimama

Find a foolproof hidey hole.

  • ?

hiding money could be as simple as opening up an account in your name only with an address like a PO BOX.

  • Maxi

If you tell no one you have money they wouldn't know and so you would not need to hide it

  • DEBS

Depends on how much and who 'everybody' is. Assuming you're old enough to open a bank account, you can easily 'hide' the money there and just don't tell anyone about the account If you're trying to hide money from the government, then the bank is a bad idea. In fact, there are no methods someone asking this question on here would come close to accomplishing.

  • Egbert

In the bank.

  • Elaine M

Cash. Hide it around the house in places nobody looks. It's still vulnerable to fire though.

  • helping_people

In the bank.

  • rick29148

I'm not going to tell you or anybody else, as then it wouldn't be a secret !!! nice try .........................

  • Anonymous

I do not believe in keeping massive amounts of cash around, because the house could burn down, a burglar could come in, and poof, no more cash. On Laverne and Shirley, they always kept their cash tucked into pages of the Bible, assuming no one would look there. It's a good plan, anyhoo.

  • Anonymous

Contact the vet - again - let them know that the t-shirt hasn't been helping much, and ask if there is anything you can get to slightly sedate her to make her less likely to rip the stitches out.

  • Anonymous

OP says the b itch HAS a buster collar which in any case, won't stop her using her BACK LEGS to try to scratch the incision. You do need to clip her nails back to limit the ability to hook onto the stitches and speak to your vet - or yes, try a sock if she'll keep that on! The itching is a sign of healing, BUT did your vet give you extra pain relief which should help reduce any discomfort she might be feeling. They give enough for the first 24 hours normally, but many vets don't bother to provide any more.

  • Bort

Call and tell the vet about her doing this. It itches because it's healing and if they shaved fur from the area just like when we shave when the hair goes back it itches like crazy! The vet may be able to suggest something over the counter to help with the itchy sensation that isn't going to effect the wound in a bad way. Of course there are over the counter things for pets that are anti-itch remedies for them but she has an open wound that those over the counter things might make the wound burn, itch worse, or not heal right and scar worse than it's already going to.

  • Anonymous

I think it might be time for the dreaded cone of shame.

  • ?

You can pick up a blow up collar at a pet store that looks like a donut for around your dog's neck. It makes it nearly impossible for your dog to get at wounds. I know this because my 3 month old puppy broke his right paw and had to have a splint, surgery, and then pins put around his paw to fix his paw. He was supposed to not mess with the pins for 3 months, so we got him his donut. His bonus with it was that he could fall asleep anywhere and have a built in pillow for months.

  • Nancy Drew


  • GllntKnight

She should have left the vet's office wearing a collar, and it shouldn't have been removed, and it is your responsibility to supervise her and correct her each time you caught her in the act.


Muzzle her

  • helping_people

Go back to the vet, to at least prevent her from scratch her stitches.

  • Anonymous

Put duct tape over her nails.