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If your SO is gone on deployment. Whats the longest you have gone without talking?

  • ?

Take the advice of your parents if you want to leave your home or not and then make a decision.

  • sunshine_mel

You can move out as an adult - ie 18.

  • Slabberdasken

You are too young. “Toxic” means that your parents have rules you don’t agree with, and your situation in their home will not improve until you decide to comply.

  • babyboomer1001

You are too young. Minors must live with their parents. In Missouri, 18 is the age of majority - the adult age. Sorry, you have some time yet with your parents. Spend more time in your room. Tell them you are studying. Do more studying. It will do you good.

  • Maxi

No you can't move out, as a child of 15 your parents/guardians are responsible for you

  • tro

that probably depends on who is going to pay for you to do so, it takes money and obviously you don't have it

  • Kaiser Wilhelm

If it is toxic in a physically abusive, neglectful, and/or an extremely mentally abusive way, you could always reach out to authorities or Child Protective Services and explain the situation. If you are not in danger in any way, there is nothing you can do and you are too young to live on your own without a parent or legal guardian's approval/signature. I suppose you could "run away" and try to live with a friend.

  • Anonymous

Your young

  • Anonymous

Come move with a black guy babe you will love the bbc

  • better_off_here

Well why don't you try to see if there is some place else you can stay for the time being. while you can not legally move out on your own unless as they call it Legal Emancipation you have to prove to a court that it is toxic and bad for your well being to live there, but otherwise. you can stay with some other family members or friends for now. at 15 your choices are few.

  • RICK

A few months, I did 12 months overseas while she was stateside, we talked 4 times during the year

  • Weasel McWeasel

I was at sea for weeks and months on end sometimes. Phone calls were usually when I got back to the base. Sometimes I would call from whatever foreign country I was in......but I Always sent letters and cards from where ever I went.

  • Anonymous

Over four months. But TBH, I was in a jungle and this was WELL before cell phones.

  • USAFisnumber1

Two weeks. First because I could not tell her where I was going and then because the phone system was not set up yet.

  • Mrsjvb

something like 12 weeks with nothing more than 1 email that entire time. they went on communications blackout. talking?! pretty much never. I was lucky if I got one email a week when they could communicate.

  • NWIP

90 plus days but less than 120

  • capitalgentleman

I cannot remember exactly, but a month and a half for sure, and likely more.

  • Anonymous