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Can the condominium management disallow me to bring guests to my apartment? (Unit owner)?

I've been staying at Providence Tower in taft avenue for 6 years but they started implementing a curfew for tenants but for some reason it also applies to me even though im a unit owner

  • tro

they might deny someone who is a criminal

  • babyboomer1001

Yes. They can disallow anyone on to their property. However, unless your guests have caused trouble in the past, they are unlikely to do that. If you have to abide by a curfew, abide by it or expect consequences.

  • helping_people

What is in the lease? It probably denies overnight guests, but typically he can not deny you any guests to your apartment.

  • ?

Did they say that in the contract?

  • Anonymous

No. but presumably you own on a lease, you would need to check the wording in that.

  • ?

I tried searching the location and it only comes up with manila.