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When you take a 30 minute break, do they only take out half of your hourly salary?

Say like if you take a 30 minute break and your hourly is $10, does my employers take out half of my hourly during a 30 minute break and then i get paid regularly once i start to get back up and work.

  • Anonymous

That's really up to the employer. I worked for a company called Alcoa that paid for our 30 minute lunch break. However, we were working 8 hour shifts in a 24/7 operation... including Holidays.

  • babyboomer1001

If your employer gives you 30 minute breaks, you are not paid for that time, because you are not working during that time. Your paid time begins again "after" your break is over, when you are back on the job.

  • Bort

That's not how they deduct it they just take a half hour per day out of your pay when they do the payroll stuff that produces your paychecks. They don't do the payroll stuff every day they only do payroll between 1 and 3 days before the day you're paid.

  • Judy

You don't need to be paid for a 30 minute break, and it normally won't be included in your hours worked. Some employers give paid lunch breaks, bur most don't

  • DEBS

You get paid for the hours your work. If you work 2 hours, take a 30 min break, and then work another 1.5 hours, then you have worked 3.5 hours and will get paid $10 * 3.5 hours.

  • Elaine M

You get two free (paid) 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch hour (unpaid) for every 8 hours worked. If you work 6 hours the lunch 1/2 hour is unpaid, and one 15 minute break is paid.

  • D J

You are paid for the time you work, if the break is included you get paid for your time.

  • ?

They pay you for the time you work. Example: your work hours are 8 - 5 and you get a half hour for lunch. You are paid for 8 1/2 hours work.

  • hamel5

Normally, you're not paid during your 30 minute break. When you go back to work, you're back on the clock.

  • Anonymous

Ask it depends what job you have. My work I still get paid cause I’m on the clock