Question #12741

If your wedding venue closed down would they give you your deposit back?

  • kswck2

Probably not if they go bankrupt. File a writ and hope for the best.

  • tro

they should but if they closed they probably don't have it

  • luddite

It depends why they closed. If they went bankrupt or into administration you won't see your money again.

  • ?

depends on why they closed down. Bankrupt is never a good deal. Just not good business then I would say you might have to sue but I doubt you would lose but still might not get anything. you can not get blood out of a turnip.

  • Bing Bing

Depends why they closed. If something happened to the venue (say, storm damage), you'd probably get your money back. If the business went belly-up, I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • Messykatt

Nobody here can even guess at this, partly because you left it kind of vague. How much money are we talking about and when did you pay them?

  • helping_people

They should.

  • Raspberry Popsicle

Legally they have to, now will they is dependent upon how ethical and or broke they are. The only times deposits are allowed to be kept when goods or service are not given in exchange & you have not breached the contract in some other way is if they have an "Act of God" clause that basically says if an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado happens and u cant have your wedding here because we are all running for our lives because we dont want to die, then u can have your money back if the new date we give you after we've all survived doesnt work for u.

  • Betsy

They should, but if the company has gone into administration then any money they have will go to paying off their debts so it depends how big a priority it is in comparison to other debts they may have. Debts to the governments (taxes for example) will be paid off well before couples waiting for deposit refunds.