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How can I approach a situation in which I was promised a specific salary for a managerial position and my employer does not follow through?

I applied for a manager position exactly 1 year ago & I was quoted a salary of $65K. When I was offered the position, I was told that I would start as a supervisor and get promoted to a managerial position within a year and receive the $65K salary. So I took the job and yesterday, I was promoted to the manager...

  • lucy

It is unclear if when you applied for the manager job, were you a (new) employee or a (current) employee that applied for this position.

  • Bort

No matter how you approach it the chance that however you do it might get you fired (eventually) is going to be there.

  • tro

if you had anything in writing you could use to sue them that would be the way to go, other than that you only have her word and what you heard

  • DEBS

You should have had it in writing. This is not uncommon. Start looking for another job because it's highly unlikely you'll get that pay there.

  • Elaine M

Ask for a 15 minute sit down with the guy and discuss what you were told at hiring vs what's been given to you after the year. It was the agreed upon salary that made you take this job in the first place.

  • Anonymous

Yeah, not how it works.

  • D J

First unless you got the offer in writing, it is non existent. So keep the job & hope for better or get a better job elsewhere. Next time, get the job offer in writing but remember, even with the offer in writing they may not honor the offer.

  • The Football God

Been there. Done that. Loyalty only extends as far as your options are. Fortunately, 25 years ago I had options. I told my boss, I was exploring leaving on a Friday morning. We set a Tuesday am breakfast meeting. I call the guy I replaced, he laughed and said they won't call me. Just after lunch he called and had a Saturday meeting set. Monday morning he gave me their offer and I thanked him. Later that day I was called to verify breakfast and told them yes, but my numbers went up. My new price was retro my one year anniversary [5 months prior and promised] or a 15% raise on top of raise. This was poorly perceived and told it wasn't very business like. I told them it became personal over the weekend. Reminded them I did nothing over the weekend and asked if they had. My regional supervisor was there that afternoon and told me I kicked a hornet's nest. 2 years later I was brought back to right the ship after asking my side of the ill-fated "do not rehire status". Know your options.

  • A Hunch

If moving you to $50K was an increase in salary, there was no way a company was going to move you to $65K. Going from $50K to $65K is a 30% increase. The only time an employee is going to get a 30% increase is - minimum wage increase, the company is performing a counter offer, or you are the next sliced bread. But you were expecting MORE than a 30% increase since moving to $50K is already an increase.

  • Mene mene tekel 🏊

The prestige of the position is worth more than the salary. Or you can quit. Your boss probably oversold the position or based the suggested salary on overly optimistic sales figures (which the manager probably believed were feasible). Give it time or threaten to leave.