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Acid base reaction equations, HA + H2O and HA + OH?

So this first equation is definitely correct: a) HA + H₂O <---> A⁻ + H₃O⁺ So I'm adding a hydrogen proton ion thingy with a base. However, sometimes I see the following equation: b) HA + OH⁻ <---> A⁻ + H₃O⁺ I'm also adding a proton to a base. Why is this different? 1) Why are there two...

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Credit union

  • Elaine M

Credit union. Always.

  • tro

with the recent reputation of Wells it is going to be hard to gain respect again

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For personal banking, I'll take a credit union over a mega-bank 10 times out of 10.

  • Anonymous

Local credit union. Commercial banks are the devil.

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A local credit union is a great choice as you will be offered better rates than banks and your money is easily accessible right there in town. If your credit is good, you will periodically be offered personal/signature loans at rates very much lower than a National Bank and they have all of the same services. You are also a member rather than just another customer and it's a lot nicer to go talk to a real person about finances than a helpless, anonymous customer service person on the other end of the phone.

  • DON W

For a personal account? Credit unions generally are the best option. They exist to provide quality financial services for their members (they don't call them "customers"). Banks exist to make money for their stock owners.

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  • Trevor H

After the explanation on H-H equation earlier - let us try and sort this out.