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Is it normal to have a strand of white hair at 21 years old?

Before I start, let me just clarify my genetics. My grandmother on my mother's side had black hair, and even when she died at the age of 76, she never had gray or white hair. My grandfather on my mother's side had fair hair when he was a boy, but it ended up turning white—at what age, I'm not sure of....

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Yes because the end is nigh

  • rick29148

Quite. Had a friend who was white-haired at 32 ..........................

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  • Rosalie

It's fine. One hair follicle not creating pigment isn't an indication that you will go gray by 22.

  • ?

K. Well. If you get gray hair early, then all that means is you get gray hair early. We haven't figured out how to cure that.

  • Victoria

I find a few stray hairs once and a while since I was 16, I'm 24 now and still have nice brown hair. Only find one every so often.

  • Mamawidsom

Yes, if you mean "not due to a serious health problem." Most people start getting white or gray hairs a lot earlier than most people assume. It is very common for people to have a gray hair here and there in their 20's. You have both early and late "white hair genes." I know families where one child goes nearly completely white or gray by 45 and their sibling and even parents don't.

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Yep. My best friend plucked my first grey hair out of my head on my 21st birthday.