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Do you think "The Jews" book was anti-semitic or do you think it told the truth?

Written 20 years before the Holocaust (1922), "The Jews" details how the Jews had been antagonizing Europeans. The book predicted that ill will was growing with the Jews and eventually people would "lash out" against them. The author Hillaire Belloc seems more concerned then hateful, pleading...

  • Logan

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  • ?

you can't.. yahoo does it automatically

  • bluebellbkk

Oh how thoughtful of you to show us that photo. Otherwise we might have no clue what a book titled 'The Jews' might look like or who its author was.

  • Gigapie

Kill yourself, Nazi.

  • Tina

Oh dear. Yes Belloc was anti-semitic, much as I hate to say so. And no, it wouldn't have helped to save the Jews, because they weren't responsible for the European prejudice against them. And certainly not for Hitler.

  • ?

I dont' know this book. I know the Bible tells the truth.

  • ⛧Terrell⛧

You really don’t have much of a life do you?

  • EddieJ

I haven't read it. It was probably not difficult to read the antisemitic sentiment of Germany.

  • ?

You, my friend, are a complete douche bag.

  • Fireball


  • ⛧Shadowfire⛧

That may be, but whose fault was it that they were still considered outsiders? That's kind of like blaming gypsies.

  • Robert De Angelis-Italy-United States

The truth is at the center of the word of God, as described in the holy scriptures of the bible!