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Is it possible to create a new colour?

i was planning on repainting my house and i wanted it to be an original colour that nobody else on my road has used? any ideas?

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我没有信用卡呀 祝你成功 HI WISH YOU HAPPY

  • Anonymous

I have no problem with using my debit card. It is like a credit card except that the money is taken from your bank account immediately(so essentially it is CASH purchase)

  • StephenWeinstein

First, if you keep applying for credit cards, then you will keep getting denied. After applying even once, it takes a whole year without applying, not even once, just to build back up to where it would have been if you had not applied. Right now, you don't have virtually no credit. Right now, you have something even worse: a history of being a person who keeps applying.

  • diamondcollector

make sure you let the bank know that you will be using the card in advance.

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international l money orders work well

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< due to the dangers of using it out of the country >

  • DR + Mrs Bears face

Using a debit card is no more dangerous than using a credit card.

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I would just let my bank know I'm planning a trip and to allow ATM withdrawals from there.

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Traveler's checks.

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If I were in your position, I would first call the bank to put a travel notice on my debit card and checking account. Then, I would stop at an ATM in Canada and withdraw some cash. Don't do this before you cross the border because then you'll have to deal with a currency exchange place and their rates usually suck compared to an ATM. If your hotel room has a safe, you can put your debit card in there and then you only have to worry about the cash you withdrew.

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Most paint shops have a mixing service. Make up any colour you like. Just make sure you get enough to finish the job.

  • Richard D

You can mix your colors very economically nowadays. Just pick a color from a large book of colors and they will duplicate it for you. You could also have something completely custom mixed from your recipe.

  • Anonymous

Look at your neighbors houses and choose one no one else is using. Considering there is several TRILLION colors.They don't have names, but numbers I got one neighbor that went with Purple and Mint Green. You'll get used to it. All the colors have been invented. Not all used. Some are just TACKY. Decide if you want to be "one of those people"

  • Anonymous

Don't go too weird. It will be difficult and expensive to change, if you are not happy with it. Basics are better.

  • Karen L

So look at the other houses and pick a colour that isn't there. You can have a colour custom mixed, if one of the 400 or more colours in a standard paint company palette doesn't work for you.

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you cant think of a new colour..every colour u know is a colour which the colour has been already named the colour omg heheh