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Using Rec report on Euro truck simulator 2 worth it? To report people trolling?

  • Dr. Sick Doctor MD

Not a big fan on people personal appearance on the outside I'm more interested on what's going on in the inside.

  • ?

I think redheads are unique

  • cindy

They Are Human Too

  • msverychocolate

I think some red heads are cute!!

  • ?

Red is my favorite hair color! (Natural red, that is.) Kinda weird, since I have brown hair myself...but anyway.

  • LindseyS499

Personality is more important to me then hair colour. I couldn't care less if you had red hair.

  • regerugged

I like women with red hair. I don't care about men or children with red hair.

  • ?


  • ?

Love them

  • Anonymous

Kinda rare.... and hair nothing to do with beauty and personality. learn that...

  • ?

Don't know