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Find the equation of the line that passes though (1,8). And is parallel to y=3x-4?

  • Nous

Why do you prove that to be totally false!

  • Sci-fighter

No one likes Christians, duh !

  • Archer

A Theism is a Theism for Atheists and we laugh when Christians and Muslims attack the very people who created "their" god.

  • Fireball

I DON'T TRACK THEIR DOINGS but I do know Satan is having a field day with them...Ignore them...they prefer 2 croak offs.

  • Duncombe (Survivalist Overlord)

It is important to note that Jews are a racial group (Semites) as well as a religious one.

  • poldi2

No idea what atheists you are referring to, the atheists I know don't attack Christians.

  • Crim Liar

Many on here will attack the morons who attack others. Most atheists will not attack Christians who ask good questions, but will attack bigoted morons who hide behind a religion that they don't understand and use that as an excuse to attack others!

  • Acetek

I don't get mad. And you are making this up. Basically lying for jesus. Which is still lying

  • Nightwolf

They actually don't, only in the mind of Christians do they do that.

  • Mandrake

That's easy.

  • ?

What is the equation of the line that passes through (1, 8) and is parallel to y = 3x - 4?

  • Φ² = Φ+1

The line parallel to y=mx+b through a given point (x₀,y₀) is y = mx + y₀ - mx₀.

  • Como

y - 8 = 3 ( x - 1 )

  • ted s

y - 8 = 3 [ x - 1 ]

  • oldprof

m = y - y0/x - x0 = dy/dx = 3; so 3 = (y - 8)/(x - 1).

  • Mathmom

  • billrussell42

general equation of a line is y = mx + c