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Atheists, is buddhism to be respected?

  • Noah Thall

All religions are due a certain amount of respect.

  • tonysh

My wife, to whom I have been married for 16 years, is a wonderful lady and a practicing Buddhist (more occasional than devout these days NB).

  • ob1knob

No more than other religions.

  • GodsLOL

All religion are until their bigotry affects other or they try to get their creation myths taught as science in public schools.

  • Diogenes

My opinion is that Buddhism is more "respectable" because it concentrates on personal emotional and intellectual development and and does not require its adherents to "believe in" impossible supernatural beings. I have explored Buddhism and found it mostly compatible with my scientific worldview -- except for reincarnation dogma, which is easily ignored (analogous to inverse cherry-picking). If I absolutely had to have a religion, it would probably be a form of Buddhism.

  • the internet

Not more or less than other religions.

  • Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

You can respect religions and choose to not practice one.

  • take five rondo

People are to be respected. Jea says you can't hate a person if you find their beliefs hateful. Don't be like that, the world does not need it.

  • ?

Some of the teachings are scientifically sound (like meditation) but the claims of reincarnation are not founded upon science.

  • A Nonny Mouse

All religions are to be "respected". Right up until the point where they force their views and rules on others - then I say "fuckem".