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Is Mormon religion completely fake?

Is it true Jesus visited the United States

  • Publius

"Is [the] Mormon religion completely fake?" No, Christianity is not fake. Our religion is Christianity, not Mormonism. Our church is not fake at all. There is no church closer to the New Testament church in structure, doctrines, authority, and sacred ordinances, as you can easily find out for yourself.

  • rac

It is all true. Jesus did visit the Western Hemisphere after His resurrection and did visit Joseph Smith in New York in 1820. I encourage you to get a copy of the Book of Mormon and read it with an open mind. After you complete your reading, ponder on its message and ask God if it is true. If you ask in faith, humility and sincerity, the Holy Ghost will cause you to feel that it is correct. You will know, as I do, that it is true.

  • Al E. Atorio

Not the United States, but rather pre-Columbian Central America (Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua etc.) is where He visited.

  • lowlevel

All religion is fake.

  • Ernest S

Of course it is fake, as you put it. It relies upon additions to the Bible that contradict the Bible.

  • Chi girl

Of course it is. It's the product of Joseph Smith's imagination.

  • ?

Magic underwear and gold plates in a hat. You decide.

  • yesmar

I don’t attempt to judge other people’s beliefs. I can only say it had no appeal to me.


Yes it is fake.

  • Bobby Jim

Mormonism (the LDS) has a long history of false prophecy. Its doctrines are false, and its history has been altered and cleaned up. Joseph Smith (founder) could never produce the golden plates supposedly given him by an angel, suspiciously named Moron-I. Jesus said from the Cross, "It is finished." The Work of redemption was complete, and Jesus never physically visited the USA. Jesus's presence in the USA is here, in the hearts of Believers. Mormon theology states that Jehovah God was once a man from the planet Kolob (you can google it), and he lived an exemplary life and was given Earth to populate with more of mankind. I do not find that in the Bible. If their god is not THE God of the Bible, then his son cannot be THE Son, Jesus the Christ. The LDS is a false religion.