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Was he trying to guilt trip me (make me feel guilty)?

I’m 16, my coworker was 25 and showed me signs of clear interest (touching my collar and said fix your collar, bumping into me obviously on purpose a lot, touching my arm and back a lot, staring a lot, asking everyday if I still talk to my ex bf, asking if any guys tried talking to me at the start of work). I never...

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As he is older than you are maybe he is in a senior position to you also and this action might be his way of trying to prepare you for any advances he tries to make. Be very wary of him. This could be a form of grooming. I'd suggest you take your time in looking for a position somewhere else, without giving anyone a clue that you are doing so. If he touches you inappropriately in any way or begins to put even a small amount of pressure on you to be 'friendly' or ever tries to push up to you in a corner of a room etc. you must report him immediately however your best course of action is to start planning getting a new job a.s.a.p. without anyone else knowing about it.

  • oldprof

If that co-worker has any seniority on you (can he boss you?) then he's guilty of sexual harassment and should be reported to your HR or ombudsman.