Question #18115

Athéîsts do u know that we Muslims wash our feet 5 times everyday before prayer ? That means our feet are cleaner than your faces?

  • A Nonny Mouse

'Tis a pity, then, than your minds are so dull and dirtied by outdated, misogynistic, narrow-minded, death-worshipping mythology, then, isn't it?

  • Noah Thall

Is it part of a fetish?

  • ?

You are still psychopaths.

  • Creationist

We Muslims also wash our face and hands 5 times a day before prayer.

  • DosCentavos

Muslims have also been told that their women should be thankful to lick the bodies of their men even if the bodies are covered from head to toe with sores.

  • Arimatthewdavies

Friend I'm a Christian and I admire your cleanliness and I admire your commitment to God

  • rd68

Makes you wonder why you don’t pay the same attention to your armpits?

  • the internet

And clean feet make the stories about your god true?

  • GodsLOL

Yet, there are still no gods.

  • ?

That's nice. Whilst you're wasting your life talking to thin air, we'll do something constructive. :)