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I performed oral sex with my boyfriend, kissed him, and then he returned the favor. Could I be pregnant?

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  • Publius

No, some of them will have to have their noses rubbed in the fact of Christ's existence. A closed mind can only open from within, and atheists are very comfortable with their pretense that there is no God.

  • XaurreauX

Some does, most dasn't.

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There's no God, period.

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That would constitute regression, not growth.

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Atheism is the future, religions will phase out.

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When Light shines in the darkness, it cannot be overcome [John 1:5].

  • Mama Kimama

It's not impossible, some do. Madelyn Murray O'Hare's son became a Christian.

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  • Patricia

Ask yourself how you could be pregnant if your boyfriend didn't ejaculate inside of you?

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tell him to always eat it first

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no you can't

  • John P

If he came in your mouth, or leaked pre-cvm into your mouth, possibly some of his semen could have transferred from your mouth to his mouth when you kissed and then to his tongue which then licked your vaginal lips (if I read your story right - "returned the favour"). Thus there is a faint possibility that some semen could have entered your vagina and worked upwards, thus risking pregnancy.

  • See leVel

You cant be pregnant with oral sex.

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No but it’s zina to do Sex with someone other than husband ....

  • Ruchjat

No if you just perform oral sex and kiss him only,you would not be pregnant.But in Islam kissing and oral sex with your boy friend are strictly forbidden or haram because it can be done after marriage only.You both will have sins by approaching zina like that.

  • Anonymous

Nope. That's why oral is so great....NO little brats nine months later.

  • geetarman56

No. Oral sex cannot get you pregnant.

  • eyecue_two

Did you snowball him? IF so there is a chance