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Is these bands are satanic? Thy Art Is Murder Carach Angren Adven Sorrow Carnifex?

  • drquesadilla


  • ?

Look, ALL metal is satanic. Any music that doesn't bring glory to our Savior, Jesus Christ, is of the devil. You need to listen to bluegrass and southern Gospel music.


Thy Art Is Murder - No

  • ?

Sounds satanic

  • SH0891

Your grammar is satanic

  • Quato

I can only comment on Carach Angren, I've only listened to 'Death Came Through A Phantom Ship' and 'Where the Corpses Sink Forever' and they seem to only write spooky ghost stories, nothing directly satanic.

  • Steven S

Never heard of them. Must not be any good regardless of what they are.

  • Gigapie

No, but your grammar seems to be Hell-inspired. "IS they ARE Satanic?" For fcuk's fcuking sake, my 3-year-old can talk better than that.

  • ?

No because you don't know what's the real answer of your question