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At what age did you stop being excited for your birthdays?

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I haven't stopped being excited by my birthday and I will be 60 in June.

  • ryan

about 13/14

  • ?

Age 15 , I didn’t care about my birthday anymore. It used to be so fun I’d be super excited but now i just don’t wanna grow up anymore. i wish I could go back to when I barley turned 13, turning into a pre-teen 😕

  • Ronald 7

I still; do somersaults and I am 58

  • NerdyKid1101

After 21, literally no birthdays matter anymore.

  • Lady


  • ?

maybe about 16

  • Jess C

I don't know. I don't think I have stopped... I think it just makes me upset when people don't care.

  • Anonymous