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I’ve begun reading the Quran and it says that Judaism used to be more like Islam before they lost their way (not exact words). Why is this?

  • LeKat!

Judaism has been way long before Islam, and even in the Quran itself it says that Judaism and the Torah were a true alliance with God. So the question is why muslims say that God suddenly changed his mind and decided to bring on earth a new Truth and said that judaism is lost. Easy to say that jews have lost their way and at the same time believe that God made an alliance with Jews. If it is so, why God would have send a new Book ? I think the question should be in the opposite way.

  • Dobiegal

Actually Judaism has been around thousands of years before Islam.

  • take five rondo

Logically since Judaism came first the question is, What warrant has Islam to call a religion 2000 years earlier FALSE?

  • Chi girl

The Quran is heresy, but I doubt it says that.

  • WiseCrack

Quran says no such thing.

  • william ellis

The Quran is the Christ of the Islam to keep it the way, its words but justify its existence making sure Judaism and Jesus is not the real path to eternal life...........

  • K. Orrez

I do think ancient Judaism was more like present day Islam, but Judaism is much older and has had more time to develop, (change?) than Islam has had. I wouldn't describe Judaism as losing its way.

  • ReynaIdo Weeks

Bull shít.

  • S.H. MacGyver

Why is what? Muslims believe they have the restored original word of God. That every prophet received the same word but it had been distorted by man,, but the Quran won't be changed.

  • Anonymous

Judaism was around for more than a thousand years before the advent of Islam.