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Friends, I m not sure if God is real, so is God real? your thoughts?

  • Arimatthewdavies

Do you want to know for sure if God is real or not leave his protection forget what the law says to do and start doing anything you feel like doing whenever you feel like doing it it will be a very short time before you find yourself in a prison cell eating food worse than your school lunches ever were when you get in that position you can look back and realize there was something protecting you from all the problems and maybe then you'll have sense enough to turn back to that thing

  • gw

No matter what you think, God has been so validated by objective science taht man is without excuse.

  • God's Messenger

No creditable evidence against the existence of the Christian God but allot for His existence:

  • brooke

hi , I'am god.

  • 🌟👑Stevan 👑🌟

i can guarantee you, your christian god doesnt exist. Grow up fer fook sake

  • The Holy Shroud of Turin

Yes He is. This is a good website made by Catholic Church for atheists/agnostics showing why God is real. You might find it interesting. Also video trailer for website is below:

  • ?

My Opinion. God is not real. Man made up religion to help explain away things he did not understand. But that is my opinion and I am an Atheist. Don't believe in Religion or God(s).

  • Jimson S. Raskin

l'm not your friend, díck head.

  • Anonymous

Maybe He is, maybe He isn't. Sorry, that's all I got..

  • ?

His heart beats forever.