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What do i need to do to be knighted by the Queen?

I want people to legally have to call me sir and respect me as a knight, what can I do to make this happen? Serious answers only pls?

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provide her a worthy service

  • Chris Ancor

Become a British rock star. like Ringo.

  • Mercury

No legal requirement to respect or call anybody with a knighthood Sir.

  • C.G.

If you are a British citizen, or citizen of a Commonwealth realm that has these honors, you are eligible;you must first do something worthy of being nominated to receive an honor; then the Honours Committee decides what your honor will be:

  • Anonymous

Work hard at NOT wanting it.

  • ?

You have to do something outstanding, and be a british citizen.

  • Anonymous

Be nominated by somebody and be accepted by the Honors Committee. According to the government, people get honors for achievements like: making a difference to their community or field of work; enhancing Britain’s reputation; long-term voluntary service; innovation and entrepreneurship; changing things - with an emphasis on achievement; improving life for people less able to help themselves; displaying moral courage. Doesn't hurt if you are a major contributor to causes including political parties or win Gold at world athletic events.

  • Happy Gramps

probably have to nibble her royal vag ?