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If you step in doodoo on your neighbor's lawn is it wrong or rude to wipe your feet on their door mat?

Sometimes a person will have to walk on a neighbor's lawn, you can't help it. But if you don't see the dog or cat poo in the grass and step in it the first thing you wanna do is get it off fast. Wiping your shoes on the lawn doesn't get rid of all of it, but their welcome mat is a perfect surface...

  • LiverGirl98

Ultimately, this is going to come down to personal choice and what feels right for the individual. There is no one golden neighbor etiquette rule.

  • Pearl L

thats rude cause two wrongs dont make it right, i would just be more careful next time around

  • SophieDMZ

Go for it, it may soon have them change their ways... heres hoping

  • Teddy's Mom Chiliswoman

No. Nor can they help it that someone doesn't look where they are going while on their property, nor can they prevent an a dog from wandering into their yard. You seem to be saying you are no more responsible than the dog, which just isn't true.

  • ?

if you can't help it, you need a care taker with you

  • Mean Jelly Bean

Of course it's wrong to do something disgusting like that. Just because you stepped on the poo in your neighbor's yard, it doesn't mean it belonged to them. Animals sometimes empty their bowels where ever they happen to be, and it could very well be YOUR front yard, or your neighbor's. So don't act like it's somebody else's fault when you happen to step in it. When you do, just wipe the damn stuff off in the grass, then go home and wash it off. If you neighbor is outside, or if you can see movement in their home; ask them if you can use their hose to help you clean it off. Smearing it on their front porch or Welcome Mat is unacceptable.

  • marys.momma

You just want somebody to agree with you. "Mean Jelly Bean" had a complete explanation of the correct behavior.