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What do you think of this name? Maelys? Its pronounced " mah el EES" and its Breton?

  • A Nonny Mouse

Two words: Peer. Review.

  • XaurreauX

Atheism is for grownups. You aren't expected to understand. And until you do understand, you will always feel threatened by us.

  • Rolando C I

Jeremiah 10:23- Psalms 146:3


<Laughs> Even YOU trust science, because you USED science to post to YA.

  • SBR32277

It's not that I necessarily trust scientists, especially on the cutting edge of science where we are still learning. I also know scientists are on the payroll of corporations and will not report accurate science, which other scientists can vouch for. That said, true science is what has helped us along and has earned a reputation for being the best method of explaining nature. It is in this sense that science as a whole is trusted but we have to realize science is a process of learning and testing where there will be mistakes along the way, but that is what makes science so great because we learn from mistakes and they eventually help us to crack mysteries of nature.

  • bender_xr217

Do you believe in science when you go see your doctor for help with illness or injury.

  • Racket

Because they also oppose various religious theories that's why Atheists believe them.

  • ?

Atheists ! Why do you believe in Scientists ?

  • ob1knob

YouTube is not a reliable scientific source!

  • Nightwolf

Scientists also predicted that Earthquakes would liquify NYC

  • John P

To me in Britain it looks strange - that combination of "ae" and "y" just looks odd. Indeed it might be a Breton name, but do you have any Breton connections, and are there many people on your part of your country who would understand the Breton connection?


i don't care for it

  • ?

Its grand

  • layla


  • t๏ครtเє

So bad

  • Louise

OK name except that it will need to be spelled out to everyone all the time

  • Foofa

I like it.

  • Rosalie

Actually, it's pronounced May-Lees, which is more as it appears.

  • DEBS

Anytime one has to explain how to pronounce it, it's a really bad idea.

  • ?

I feel like everyone will continually mispronounce that name. Especially since I read that as "May-liss". You may want to decide on another name. Congrats on your little one, regardless =)