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Why does My Dog Loves it when I crack Chicken Drum leg bones with my hands and feed it to him?

which idiot said raw prey bones are bad for canines????HAHAHA PLEASE TELL ME WHCICH STUPID TROLL JUST SAID THAT!

  • Pearl L

cause they sound confused

  • jon pike

This should be good.

  • Vincent G

Singularity of a black holes are believed to play a significant role in creating space-time, which is essentially "borrowed" and paid back later for a zero net sum.

  • SBR32277

Atheists don't believe that. Everything is energy, where energy cannot be created, thus it has always existed. The only thing that occurs are energy conversions where energy converts into other forms of energy. The energy that eventually formed us was always there and upon our death converts to other forms of energy that continue to exist. Our mind is a magnetic field that our brain produces. Once the brain dies or gets severely damaged, we cease to exist in terms of our minds.

  • tentofield

If you are talking about quantum theory then you should be asking a scientist not an atheist. We atheists do not believe in gods, that's it. Atheism has nothing to do with science. To get some understanding of quantum mechanics you should read "A Universe from Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss.

  • ?

WOW, what incredibly stupidity.

  • ?

All that matters is religion is the biggest lie and scam of all time. We are just a chemical reaction with the correct cocktail.

  • megalomaniac

That question doesn't make any sense. And even if it did, it has nothing to do with the lack of gods (i.e. it isn't even a question for atheists). Furthermore the word "atheist" doesn't need capitalization except at the beginning of a sentence (atheism is not a belief system it is the lack of one - there is no dogma or liturgy involved).

  • Nutty Professor

Just stick with god magic as an explanation for everything, you're not bright enough to understand anything else.

  • Simon T

What makes you think the universe is something?

  • HeidiKnows

He likes it because you are feeding them to him.

  • Anonymous

It's said that RAW bones, including chicken are safe to feed dogs BUT I'm old school and can't go with feeding any chicken bones, ESPECIALLY COOKED!! to mine.

  • Elaine M

Please don't give him any COOKED ones, the bones splinter and can puncture through the intestines. Feed raw only.

  • ?

You definitely shouldn’t be feeding your dog chicken bones unless you want to pay a large vet bill 🙃

  • Star_of_Darkness

If the bones are cooked the n stop feeding them to the dog, cooked bones KILL. Raw bones don't splinter and are safe and good for dogs but its best feed them WHOLE raw drum sticks instead of just the bone

  • Happy Hiram

Because dogs love humans behaving inappropriately.

  • Egbert

I imagine you are trolling as chicken bones can easily kill a dog. Your grammar and punctuation is poor so I can only assume you are either young or dim witted.

  • Il Duce


  • Mama Kimama

Don't know. I heard that chicken bones was bad for dogs.

  • ॐ BrownBuddhaBomb ॐ

he needs it RAW Bhai.....feed him those chicken bones good, let him get that bonemarrow to strengthen his bones and blood