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What can I do for my teacher who is hurting?

she has bad cases of endometriosis .I can hear her moan in pain when I give her my homework.

  • Donut Tim

Yes, that is exactly what it is.

  • Morningfox

Hi! I like hot dogs by the way. That has nothing to do with my thoughts on evolution. Why would being Christian have anything to do with your thoughts on evolution? Does being Christian affect your thoughts on addition and multiplication?

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Nope.....Macro evolution is ludicrous robo spewed whining by ignorant uneducated religitards about a subject they're too brain dead to grasp, in defense of a ridiculously delusional fairy tale that only an idiot could embrace. Their rancid vomit confuses nobody. Rolls eyes

  • El Nerdo Loco

The way your question is worded made me think you were a creationist at first which changed the meaning of your question quite a bit. But, I don't know if it is an attempt to confuse people so much as them doing everything they can to keep the creation story real. I don't know why creationists don't see that conceding microevolution is also conceding what they call macroevolution. It's like they think there's some barrier those small changes have to stop at before they become big changes.

  • Sebastijan

In essence, yes.

  • Randy the Atheist

Theres actually only microevolution.

  • pat c

Evolution is real. It's not confusing at all.

  • Simon T

The way that young Earth proponents use it is definitely an attempt to separate the small changes - that are observed and documented - from the big changes that are only visible from the remains in the fossil record.

  • ?

"Macroevolution" and "microevolution" are not actual *things* in science. They were obscure references to words coined by a Russian entomologist about a century ago, until Creationists revived them to create the erroneous impression that there is some qualitative difference between evolutionary change below the species level and above it, when there isn't. You won't hear actual scientists use the terms "microevolution" or "macroevolution" except in what have become unfortunately necessary responses to Creationists and their nonsense.

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She will have her own Dr, ake her a card.

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keep your nose out - if she needs to see a doctor then she will arrange an appointment herself