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Why do I look fat?

I’m only 78 lbs at 5’2 yet look huge and have an ugly fade

  • PoohBearPenguin

It's not.

  • ?

You're probably eating too many leftovers.

  • ?

I think you're far away from being fat: in fact - much more skinny than fat....

  • ?

Body dysmorphia.

  • Anonymous

There is no way you can be fat at the weight of a pre-pubescent child. You need help asap before you suffer organ collapse or a heart attack; you are actually in the danger zone now. Go to your parents or doctor for help before it's too late. Eating disorders kill.

  • myrrdin emrys

edit: please listen to "sheloves_dablues".

  • sheloves_dablues

You don't. At 78lbs you are almost 40lbs underweight.

  • Blue Sky

Your not fat, and you probably suffer from low self esteem and there is something not right mentally for you to believe your fat. So please seek some help.

  • ?

Because you have some serious mental issues about your body type. At 78 lbs and that height, you are underweight.

  • Anonymous

How can we tell unless you post a pic?

  • ?

I would say, for some reason, you are not happy with yourself. So what you see other people do not. At that ht and wt, you are way under weight and absolutely not fat at all.