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What type of tree is this?

Ive moved into new house this year an the front yard is landscaped an I want to know whT they are so i can carr for them properly.

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No, most are black then white.

  • τhε Sαgιτταrιαη


  • Anonymous

45% white

  • Jota

Whites were majority in Brazil until 2000-2005 but they are being exterminated from Brazil, from the USA, Canada, Australia and everywhere😈😈 The future of the planet is BROWWWWNN my mom is blonde white Brazilian though -.-

  • Greg

Not all. There are some black and brown Brazilians.

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No. According to the census, about 47.7% of Brazilians are white, so while the largest race in Brazil is white people, they are not the majority.

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Half population is Black/mixed, other half is White.

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  • ?

no they are purple

  • Common Sense

This looks like a Weeping Cherry Tree to me. In the spring, should it's branches fill with light pink or white flowers, it is likely a Weeping Cherry tree. They are lopped off at the top to create the weeping effect of smaller branches.

  • Louise

Hard to say, wait until the leaves come and take a small twig with leaves on the the local garden centre and speak to someone there who knows about trees.

  • Kenny

Eves Neckless ? Not much to tell from the picture . The country you are in would help .

  • tigrillen

bark looks like some kind in the Prunus genus. Probably a decorative version. Not enough people planting something sensible like fruit trees.

  • ?

Wait until it leafs out, then take another picture. Also take a close-up picture of the bark. Snip off a small branch with leaves.

  • ...

No one can tell since it's dormant now. On the plus side, you can't hurt it now, it's asleep.

  • Anonymous

1 - There are no leaves.