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Why is my 6 month old German Shepherd Puppy STILL biting me?

My 6 month old German Shepherd puppy still bites me. Nothing works, standing still, re-directing to a toy, saying ouch, ignoring him. He just keeps coming at me unless I put him in his crate to settle down. He bites often and he bites hard. I thought he would be over this biting phase by now. Any tips are appreciated!

  • Phil M

Any unwanted sexual advances such as lewd comments and touching is considered sexual harassment. Call the police and find out if there are security cameras on the bus.

  • Gary B


  • Elaine M

Go to any pet supplies store and get a bottle of Bitter Apple. Put it on your hands and forearms, it tastes like the inside of a banana skin. When he mouths you it'll taste bad. This is the first part of the process. You also say 'no' and make him back off you.

  • Tarkarri

Bad training.

  • Anonymous

Because you allow it. Now you've allowed him to practice bad behavior instead of stopping the behavior when it started.

  • GllntKnight

Because you allow it to continue without correcting it immediately each time it occurs, training is your responsibility, not the dogs, once trained it doesn't stop there, it must be enforced as needed for the dogs entire life. Putting him in a crate doesn't teach him anything. Poor behavior is not a phase, nor will he get over it without proper correction/training, it will only get worse.

  • Latcho

Because it lacks basic training..... Try training it instead of caging it....

  • Just Another Soul

Unfortunately, biting typically continues through adolescence, and often slows down around the year mark with training. I assume by your question that he is biting out of excitement, not fear or anything else. If he bites even when he is not in "happy play," mode, that requires a different approach entirely and I strongly recommend considering a professional trainer's help.

  • Valleycat1

keep a metal pot/pan and a metal lid or utensil nearby. whenever he starts nipping, bang them together to make a loud noise. he will quit trying pretty soon.

  • bluebonnetgranny

You haven't taught him not to bite. Potty training & stop puppy biting are the two first things a puppy is taught. Look up, 'Stop puppy biting'. Train the pup in Basic Obedience. You can do that yourself. Instruction on how to train basic obedience it online in LOTS of places. You can buy books on dog training or you can join an obedience class & learn with other people & their dogs. I like the classes. Every one & their dogs at the beginning are all over the place, leashes trip handlers & they stumble over the dogs cause the dogs don't know quite yet where they are supposed to be. A lot of fun & in 8 weeks your dog would be trained in Basic Obedience & you have 100% control of your dog.

  • Roy

Tap on the snout and a growl.

  • Anonymous

Because he's a herding dog and you have not trained him properly.