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Can cats get poisoned from only smelling flowers like kalanchoe ?

So i bought a whole bunch of kalanchoe flowers and then i found out that they are poisonous to cats but if they ingest it but is it dangerous for cats to smell the flowers too?

  • Wayne T

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  • Anonymous

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  • Archer

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  • jpopelish

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  • 2FollowHim

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  • eats fresh

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  • Fireball

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  • ?

Yes, and cats bite plants.

  • ?

no they can't

  • Tavy

Flowers release Pollen this is what can kill them, especially polen from lilies.

  • Tundra Rob

No, the cat must eat the plant in order to become poisoned by it, smell alone will do no harm. However they are often attracted to the smell and bright colours of the plant and will nibble on it. Ingestion will cause significant stomach upset and if untreated can lead to a fatal toxic reaction.