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If someone is an alcoholic and drinks 20+ vodka shots most nights a week?

if they are 30 now, what age would they expect to live to?

  • capitalgentleman

Muslims have always accepted Jesus, as a great prophet, and as the Messiah. They just do not see him as God. They have some very nice things to say about Mary as well. It seems you are unaware of this.

  • ?

Just another uneducated Christian. Muslims believe in Jesus too.

  • rrosskopf

Communism is far from dead. Communist China is still there. Islam is large enough that it can coast for a while, without any efforts at conversion. There will be wars over freedom of religion. No one likes a tyrant.

  • Stonewall

I recently read where millions in China are converting to Christianity even though it's mostly underground house Churches. It's amazing what the Holy Spirit can do in the human heart. God bless.

  • Charlz

Muslims also believe in Jesus, he's just lower of the tier list.

  • Caesar

Those fantasies are old ones Muslim say Christians are converting, Christians say Muslims are converting, Judaism say they are the chosen ones, the truth, all religions are a jumble of false assertions, with no basis in reality and the very idea of gods is a product of the human imagination.

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  • ?

Funny, according to Muslim propaganda, Christians are converting to Islam in droves.

  • pat c

I find that hard to believe

  • take five rondo

Don't know about all that but reports of Jesus among Muslims is exploding. And in Africa for example there hundreds of thousands of conversions every year. The problem is Freedom of Conscience and the impeders are mainly liberals !!!!

  • hart

bankers make money

  • Chances68

We were there because of attacks against the South. but the proximal cause of the US involvement in the war directly was the Tonkin Gulf Incident when American ships thought they were under attack (while supporting ARVN commando strikes against North Vietnam), in what was, arguably, international waters. The attack was phantom, and US ships engaged nothing but radar echoes, but even though the truth was known, the imagined attack was used as an excuse to escalate US involvement hugelty. See "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution."

  • Louie O

The US foreign policy of containment of communism. They didn't want communists to take over South Vietnam.

  • Bryan

We were involved in a limited way during the early 60s (and even a little earlier) but we became heavily involved after North Vietnamese gun boats attacked a navy ship in the Gulf of Tonkin. At least, President Johnson said they attacked us....

  • ?

We got involved in Vietnam during World War Two. We sent in OSS teams to help the Vietnamese fight the Japs. Then after World War two the Vietnamese declared independence from the French but the United States did not recognize this. The North Vietnamese Fought the French and beat them. The United States Presidents from Truman on did not want the Communist to take over South East Asia and so they supported the South Vietnam Government in fighting the Communist North.

  • electricpole

The first US casualty in Vietnam was in 1945, and OSS agent. The Vietnamese had been at odds with the Chinese, the French, the Japanese, the French again, the Americans then the Chinese again. and among themselves for just about ever. The US / Soviets / Chinese used the discord in Vietnam, as a convenient place to engage in a "proxy war". A war which Christopher Hitchens described as a "war that had to happen", with Vietnam merely being the geographical place that it happened.

  • ?

The USA wanted to change hearts and minds about what they called communism. They ended up retreating and leaving the south Vietnamese to face the consequences of their loss.

  • Spock (rhp)

they attacked the South. in defiance of the treaty they'd signed with the French in 1954

  • ?

The gulf of Tonkin incident. The US Bombs North Vietnamese islands in the mid sixties and then made up an attack against the united states navy in the Gulf of Tonkin that Never happened. Even though there was no such attack President Johnson declared war and ten of thousands of soldiers died for no reason. It was a false flag

  • Anonymous

The French were having a war with Vietnam, they asked us to help, then they left.


Because the US was a member of the SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) which required its members to come to the aid of any of its members who were attacked by an outside force. S. Vietnam was attacked and the US responded as required by the treaty.

  • Jackie M

Liver cancer would probably start when they are around 40 and then they suffer for years and probably die before they are 50

  • Snezzy

Some Russians once told me that's "normal" for Russians. Soviet-era vodka came with an aluminium-foil cap, and once you had opened the bottle you might as well drink the whole thing because there wasn't any way to re-close the bottle. "Why waste good booze? Waste myself instead."

  • ?

That's not a life.

  • ?

42 sounds about right for it. If not from liver failure, then from drunk driving or something stupid like that, like falling on a pitchfork.

  • Anonymous

That's too much of alcohol. No one knows but god but probably does earlier than a healthy person that doesn't drink

  • Anonymous

They could die the next day or live 55 years. Lot's of alcoholics live a long life 👍. 20+ shots in a single night could lead to death.