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How does a line differ from a line segment?

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A line is a never ending straight line, whereas a line segment is a segment of that line. So you can think of a line as a never ending train track (except a line is not 3D) and then a line segment is a mile long section of that train track

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A line segment has two points on both sides that restrict the length, while a line continues on forever and never ends. To show that it is a line, you add an arrow at both ends of the line. To show it is a segment put a dot on both ends to show where the segment stops.

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A line is a line. There are many different types of lines: line segment, tangent line, ray... and others. Line segment is a line that connects two points. Imagine point A and point B and you connect the two dots. That's a line segment. If you just said "line" without the segment part, then the "line" is just a line without endpoints. So imagine a line extending forever for eternity.

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