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Should I move away to college?

Im going to a community college near my house and Im slowly getting angrier by the day. I really wanna move out my house because I feel like im stuck in time like im still stuck in high school. I really wanna move away live in a dorm be independent. The thing is, i hate the debt. paying for every single thing. I...

  • Dan

I would. Maybe times have changed and attitudes have changed. Back when I went to college, no one had an issue with college loans. But also the colleges had more funding with grants and scholarships: free money that pays all your fees plus living expenses.

  • Pearl L

you can always get grants and loans if you want to live in the college dorm

  • PoohBearPenguin

You can't be independent without having to take complete responsibility for everything - including your own bills and expenses. That's sort of the definition of what it means to move out.

  • ?

I'm in the same boat. I expected to go to college and live the college experience yet here I am going to community college. Whoever told you that money is money and the college experience lasts a life time I think got it mixed up. I know a lot of people who had the college experience and while they said it was fun they said that they probably could have lived without it especially since they are having to pay back all of the debt they owe. Since you are going to be a cop I would suggest going to an in state school if you are going to live on campus. Going out of sate will leave you swimming in debt especially since a cops starting pay is not high. Since you are becoming a cop and don't really need a degree from a university I would suggest staying in community college. Try to talk to people at your community college because some of them may be dual enrolled at a university and can get you into the parties and events. I know that this has happened to several people at my community college. You would still get to experience college while saving a lot money. Win Win situation.