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Can a teacher be fired for refusing a student permission to use the bathroom?

I'm in 7th grade and I asked the teacher for permission and she said "NO!" so I peed pants in class. And this girl I like saw it and she will never go out with me now.

  • rejectedsoul

i see the pee fetish troll is back

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

IDK BUT they cannot tell you NOT to. Just Go even if she says no. Deal with her., Later.

  • David 14

Sorry, they can't be fired and doubt it even happened.

  • ?

Short Answer: No

  • Gigapie

YOU can be fired for trolling badly.

  • Donald B

If you are sick you need to tell the teacher and you will be allowed to go. If you are not sick you need to use the restroom during breaks and not expect to be let out of class. No the teacher will not be fired

  • Pearl L

she might get fired, tell the principal about it, and you never know about that girl, she might still go out with you

  • anonymous

i would assume because its not really right to tell a student they cant go to the bathroom if they really have to go

  • Boney Boy Bailey

Maybe nowadays but you'll find state schools are run by authorities who hardly ever discipline staff and the bodies that investigate them are corrupt because they are made up of people who used to be employed by the same authorities. It's hard to get officials into trouble even when it should be obvious.