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I have a section of side walk I need to replace.?

The area is 7'1 1/2"x 35". The place I work at sells 1/2 square foot bags of concrete mix. So I need to know how many bags of concrete mix I need plus what else I need to complete this project.

  • SumDude

If this is for real, consider ordering a small mixer load of concrete after everything is in place. Maybe even pay a concrete worker to do the job. To mix your own concrete a large metal wheelbarrow is usually used, and have a hoe (not 'ho' - lol) to stir it - and a shovel and pail (and source of water) if you are combining your own raw ingredients. Also do on a cooler day.

  • Marvinator

Well, first cement is sold in (usually) pounds and you will need to figure this as cubic feet for the job. 20 lbs of concrete mix makes about .15 cubic feet.