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Which is grammatically correct?

"recommend you it" or "recommend it to you"

  • bluebellbkk

We can say, 'I recommend this book to you' or 'I recommend it to you' or 'I recommend you this book' but we CAN'T say 'I recommend you it'.

  • Steven

Both are correct.

  • Anonymous

recommend it to u ============obviously is correct

  • E Il Naufragar M'È Dolce In Questo Mare..

Immediately After the verb goes the direct object so IT

  • John P

The only form which feels natural to me in Britain is: "recommend it to you". Look also at the answer by Donut Tim. Forms such as: "That is what I recommend" (without "to you") are more common in my experience of over 60 years in Britain.

  • David 14

The second one.

  • Dave B.

"Recommend it to you" is correct. "Recommend you do it" or "recommend you try it" would also be correct.

  • ?

second one

  • Butterflywings

Recommend it to you

  • Donut Tim

You can also merely leave off the pronoun "you" in sentences: