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Should I continue my college education or go to trade school?

My college education is free until I get my bachelors degree. I am majoring in finance and only interested in the stock market, and forex this far. Nothing else, except engineering will interest me. And my interests are random, but I like statistical analysis, science, math. When it comes to trading stocks I mostly...

  • Sam Spayed

"Trade school" has nothing to do with stock trading; if you want to do this as a job, you'll need a degree in finance from a top university. There are day-trading courses for people who want to learn the business, but these are for personal transactions. You won't be able to put your knowledge into practice without a significant amount of money to invest (and possibly lose).

  • y

If college is something you can do, is a fit for you, then get that piece of paper. The opportunities that just having it will bring are unmatched by those who don't, especially if it is free. I know a number of guys in the trades that got that piece of paper first, then realized they wanted something different. All of them are successful trades people, eventually having their own business and such as opposed to just working for another. It is pretty much the only way one in trades can have a comfortable life. Those who always work for another, never seem to get to that white picket fence anymore.