Question #22204

With the mass shooting that occurred in Australia, will liberals finally see that gun band always fail in the end?

  • dr.pepper106

You do know we are open to suggestion as to how to stop the slaughter of these children.

  • Huh?

This is the worst mass shooting in Australia since 1996, and it seems to have been confined to the killer's family. That's a pretty good argument for tight gun laws.

  • giginotgigi

That was an isolated case. Gun ban is still valid.

  • theKingofAllTrolls

How many of those happen in the US every week, Retard.

  • The Zebra

That imaginary mass shooting?

  • kswck2

Because their ideas are Never bad-You just don't understand.

  • Grillparzer

A homicide rate five times less and a violent crime rate six times less than the U.S. isn't a failure. It is in fact a resounding success. It's rather pathetic, which is a mild word for how I feel, when gun fondlers use a tragedy to push their ignorant agenda.

  • Nightwolf

It’s embarrassing you can’t spell a simple word.

  • I was wrong once

What the ƒuck is a gun band?

  • Marduk

5 people in 22 years, we have that in 3 or 4 days.