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How come people think that someone cannot stand being married to someone who has a mental illness and disabilties?

So I have bipolar disorder and people have a problem with the way I act like. The power went out at my house earlier and so it woked me up and I only had 4 hours of sleep. I got angry when I got hungry and I asked my family if they could take me to mcdonalds and they said no we don't have any money. I don't...

  • lookingup

When people look different, dress different, act different it makes some, not all but some people uncomfortable. Maybe even a little afraid. When you go off it only makes things worse. Do you apologize after, do you try to understand there feelings. I know it’s hard. Since you realize you go off, then try to understand the need to try to calm down.

  • Anonymous

Because you DO act like a three year old. Personally, I'd smack the living s#!t out of you if you behaved that way with me. MARRY you? Are you joking? No one is that desperate or insane. You aren't mentally ill, you're a spoiled over indulged twit whose parents have totally failed. You'll either have to learn how to control yourself or get used to being alone. Simple as that.


What people believe is that no one could stand being married to you, David/Jacob. It has nothing to do with your illness or disability and everything to do with you as a person.

  • ajtheactress

As cogito said "your illness" is not an excuse to behave like a spoiled child.

  • Teddy's Mom Chiliswoman

Lots of people marry people with disabilities, including bipolar. What they don't do is marry people who (and you claim you do):

  • ?

a power outage is a good time to take a nap.

  • Mikasa Rei

First of all, is bipolar disorder something you were diagnosed with by a professional? Not to be demeaning, I'm only curious.. If so, then I'm sorry your family and fiance are not supportive of your illness; some people do not know how to coexist with people who have a mental illness. Unfortunately - at least in America - this is how society is. It's wrong and unacceptable, but there are so many people living in this country who are stubborn and set in their ways of intolerance.

  • tellitlikeitis

No, you can't change it, but you can learn to change your reactions to it. If you don't want to learn to do that, then you will probably never meet someone who loves you or wants to marry you. In your current mindset you are too much like hard work. Stop using your disabilities to try and do exactly as you please.

  • Cogito

I know many people with bipolar disorder, but they all know how to behave, and never 'flip out' or get angry for trivial matters.

  • Pearl L

probably cause it turns them off when they see you act like that, you need to be on meds if youre bipolar